Hockey sticks don't have to be expensive.

For too long we’ve been told that the only way to have top end performance in our game was to buy the most expensive stick, because “they’re the best”. At REVOLT, we said “f” that. Why? Because those price tags aren’t necessary to get pro level performance.  Enough is enough with the surging prices for high-end sticks. REVOLT!

The REVOLT Pro Senior Stick

Our REVOLT Pro Stick....430 grams....available in 3 sizes......multiple flexes.....4 patterns....and it costs about HALF of what the "Big Guys" charge. Get pro level performance at beer league prices.....Join the REVOLT!



Why Revolt?

A Story About Hockey Players

Sick of Being Ripped Off

Once you use a high-end stick you never want to go back. The problem? Spending $250 to 300 on a stick for recreational hockey gets expensive....fast. So we wanted to source a truly high-end product for about half of the cost. We think we've done just that. 


Hockey sticks are uniquely constructed... they have different flex patterns, different hosel designs, tapers, grips, blade compositions and more. They are truly incredible in how they’ve evolved and the technology that has been engineered to make the sticks of this era absolutely game-changing.


All of the big companies have fantastic lines of sticks... what isn’t fantastic? Paying $250 to $300 for these sticks. Why? Because those price tags aren’t necessary. At revolt, our sticks are manufactured to the exact specifications that the “big guys” are; 18K carbon weaves, 430 grams, monocomp molds and all. Enough is enough with the surging prices for high-end sticks. REVOLT!