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The REVOLT Hockey Brand Ambassador Program is a way we can give back to our most loyal and vocal fans! There are a ton of great benefits including free gear, early access to new products,  special pricing through our website and the chance to earn more free gear by referring your followers. If you tag us in a picture of you and your stick, we’ll see it.  If you make a video on your account and shout us out using our sticks, we’ll watch it.  If you message us with questions about your stick, we’ll answer you.  How many other companies can promise you can speak to the owners directly?  That being said, we get one question more than any other;


Can you sponsor me?


We are a small company and we have a limited budget for giving out free stuff. That being said, if you come to us with 20K+ instagram followers and show us a proven track record of interaction with them, are a seriously high-level player with collegiate or professional aspirations, or refer a lot of people to buy sticks, there’s a good chance we may think long and hard about it. If you aren’t any of those things but think you can bring something special to REVOLT Hockey, reach out, we are all ears! Otherwise, we have an alternate solution:




First, send us an email at with 'I Want In!' in the Subject line and answer the following questions:


  • Why do you want to become an ambassador?

  • What do you think you can bring to REVOLT?

  • What does hockey mean to you?

  • What state do you live in?

  • What rink(s) do you play out of?

  • Ice or Inline? Both? Dek?

  • Favorite NHL team

  • Favorite NHL Player

  • T-Shirt Size

  • Do you belong to a hockey club? If so, what team? We don’t NEED you to be a travel or club hockey player. Just play house league? Beer league? PERFECT. We LOVE hockey….and want people who love hockey to be our fans. We know everyone can’t be a pro player and we want to embrace the love of the game. Don’t be afraid to tell us you just love to play at pick up skates. WE ALL deserve a chance to be part of this business and if you are passionate about hockey and love our products we want you on our team.

  • What Social Media accounts do you have? Please provide a list of links for us to review the current content to make sure you are the kind of person we are looking for.


Please read the following information before hitting the "send button" on that email!


  • Please don’t ask for Free sticks or swag right away. We love our fans, but we can’t give everything away for free….demand drives the brand.

  • Buy or use your existing REVOLT Stick when starting to promote the REVOLT Brand. If we choose you as an ambassador, we will then give you the opportunity to earn free products from us depending on your ongoing efforts.

  • Show us what you got – Promote REVOLT on your social media account(s) using #revolthockey.  Tag us in your content and we will notice.

  • Please DO NOT apply if your social media account(s) in any way contain messaging that promotes inappropriate behavior.

  • Note: REVOLT Hockey reserves the right to accept and reject applications for any reason.

  • We will only respond to applicants if they are selected. Please don’t send repeated emails asking if we got yours.

  • What are the benefits of being a brand ambassador?
    Sneak Peaks and Access to New Products Buy New Sticks Before the General Public Free Swag for Top Performing Ambassadors A 10% Discount on ALL Sticks and Gear Tagged and mentioned posts on our social media accounts Earn your way to a free stick Free apparel when you hit 10K+ instagram followers and promote our sticks pr products MONTHLY MORE Free stuff when you hit 20K+ followers OR promote our sticks or products WEEKLY.
  • Does it cost me anything?
    No! The program is completely free. However, to stay active in the program you will be required to post at least once per month to your website/blog or one of your social media accounts or refer a person to buy a stick.
  • Do I get FREE Stuff?
    Yes! We give free swag (Our Welcome to the team package) to new ambassadors who have been active* for at least 4 months. We also send more gear to top performing ambassadors. You will also earn credit by referring others to our site. For example, if you refer four people who purchase any stick, you get one for FREE!** *Active means that you are referring customers or are posting about REVOLT using the #revolthockey hashtag on social media at least once a month. **Purchase of 4 total sticks required, NOT 4 referrals.
  • What do you expect from Ambassadors?
    We expect our ambassadors to promote our products in a positive way. This can be done in many ways: You can do reviews on your blog or Youtube, post photos on Instagram or Facebook, tweets, comments or updates on forums or other website. ALWAYS use the hashtag #revolthockey. You can wear our gear to the rink, school or work, tell your friends and teammates about our sticks and get referrals — be creative!
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