First Use Program

Revolt Hockey understands this is an investment you want to protect so we are going to do everything we can to make it an easy choice to come back again and again. We are a small company, so we can't just go around handing out free sticks. However, we have come up with a program we feel is fair to our customers and to us, creating a relationship that we believe works for everyone....and keeps our costs down so we can keep our prices down.


The Terms

1) First Use: We will replace your stick or give you a 100% refund if the stick breaks the first time you use it, just be sure to follow the directions below BEFORE you use it.

2) Within 30 days of purchase we will give you a 30% refund or 50% off the purchase price of your next stick.*

3) Within 31 to 60 days we will give you a 20% refund or 30% off the purchase price of your next stick.*

4) Within 61 to 90 days we will give you a 10% refund or 15% off the purchase price of your next stick.*


How you get a replacement, refund, or discounted stick if yours breaks.


Register your Revolt Hockey stick once it arrives. You MUST register your stick to be eligible for any replacement or discount.  

1) Fill out the form HERE and include your name, date, stick info ( sr/jr, hand, flex, pattern, grip/non-grip), order number, and date of first expected skate. This will register you for the First Use program.

2) IF your stick does break at any time in the first 90 days AFTER REGISTRATION, take a clear photo the break with receipt (or order no.) of purchase placed next to the break in the broken stick and send to revolthockey@gmail.com with the date of break (within 24 hours of break)

3) Your submission will be reviewed with your registration photo and a representative will call or email you to arrange the refund or replacement.

4) We will order your qualified Revolt Hockey Pro replacement or discounted stick during our next order period or send you your qualified refund.


*Discounts are off of regular retail price of product. NO discounts or promotional prices apply. The Date of receipt  (via USPS delivery tracking) is when your refund window starts.  

** There are no other expressed or implied warranties or guarantees beyond those above. Breaking during NORMAL use is the only terms for replacement or refund. Replacement sticks are limited to stock on hand at the time of return or until stock is replenished during designated order periods. If you qualify for a discount on your next stick, we will give you a custom coupon code to use when purchasing after we approve the replacement/discount.


Sticks are ONLY covered that have broken during NORMAL use. NORMAL use does NOT include breakage due to contact with other players, skates, sticks, nets, or boards (via slashing or being caught in board seams), or use on asphalt or cement surfaces and no replacement , refund, or discount will be offered in those cases.