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Enter to WIN a FREE Hoodie YOU Designed

Download the template and design your hoodie. Then follow these steps to enter:

1. Download the design template, print it and get to designing. You can design for Cheer or Football.

2. Take a picture of your design or scan it and upload it using this form or email it to

One design will be chosen from Cheer and one from Football entries. Those two hoodies will be placed in the store to be offered for sale to the program, friends and family. Those entrants will also get a FREE hoodie with their design.

Everyone else that enters can opt to purchase their own one-of-a-kind hoodie for $60 (Friends and family are also permitted to purchase these hoodies). Revolt Sports will be in touch with you if you choose the 'YES, I want to buy my own hoodies!'  option on the form when you submit your design to set up the order.

Upload File

Thank You for your submission! Good Luck!

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