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Thank you

Hey everyone!

These last few years have been tough for us all….and that’s putting it lightly. REVOLT has felt the crunch in the form of delayed shipments, rising prices, communication breakdowns with our suppliers, and mistakes on orders. 

We’ve spent the better part of the last few months debating just what to do next. What is best for us as a company? What’s best for YOU? Without YOU there is no REVOLT.  We have been watching what the ‘big boys’ have been doing….and it isn’t good. They keep raising prices and keep pumping out ‘new’ sticks that are just rebranded old builds with fancy new graphics. One even decided to pull on your heartstrings and re-release a most beloved stick….but NOT with the beloved options that it had back in the day. Some smaller companies claim to have the ‘cheapest and best’ sticks on the market comparable to the big guys. Their sticks are pretty much the same as ours….and STILL cost $50 more in some cases.

We’ve never wanted to be the biggest, ‘the best’, or ‘the cheapest’. We’ve only strived to provide you with a great stick at a great price. We think we have done just that.

We introduced the RESISTANCE, an ACTUAL women’s stick. A stick made for women. NOT just a skin, a different stick. Available in junior, intermediate, and lower senior flexes with a smaller, rounded shaft profile and a larger blade. You can even get it in multiple lengths. The RESISTANCE comes with ALL the options on our highest end sticks with zero restrictions.

We introduced our 100%, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED WARRANTY as proof that we think once you try one of our sticks there’s NO WAY you will want to return it or ever buy one from another company again.  Unless it isn’t what you ordered….and that’s where we have fallen short of late. Through the supply chain and communication issues we have fought to make every wrong right and we’ve tried to make sure that you know we take full responsibility to make it how you want it or you will get your money back. All of it.

Moving forward, we are going to change our model a little…starting in October of 2022 we will ONLY offer custom stick orders 3x a year whose delivery dates will align with the start of various hockey specific dates; January ( for April youth tryout season delivery), May (for August delivery in time for the kickoff of travel season) and August (for November delivery in time for High School and College seasons plus the holidays). We will stock sticks in various models/flexes/patterns and offer them on our website and through social media channels to make sure you have access to our sticks in between orders. While we know this isn’t the best option for everyone we think that streamlining the process and creating less confusion for our suppliers will cut down on errors and reduce delivery time. In between custom orders we will restock to maintain an uninterrupted availability of our most popular REVOLT sticks.

REVOLT is also going to be expanding its custom uniform/apparel business in the coming months. No longer just hockey jerseys and roller hockey pants we will offer custom shorts, hoodies, sweats, performance tees, windbreakers, and much more.  We will also offer people custom team stores with NO MINIMUMS on apparel. You’ll be able to open a store for your team and not have to worry about everyone buying something to get that ONE hoodie you wanted. The best part? You will have a say in what they look like. You can hand us the keys and we can bring your ideas to life or you can hold our hand and walk us through your wildest dreams to get your team or organization the apparel they deserve.

Finally, we are looking for people that want to help us grow and be part of ‘the team’; Brand Ambassadors, direct to consumer sales people, B2B sales people, and teams that want to get their guys/gals looking great on and off the rink/field. We currently serve organizations in travel hockey, adult hockey, youth football, travel baseball, lacrosse, and soccer. There are no real limits to what we can do together.


We look forward to hearing from you; to help us take the next step, to bring your organization into the fold, to get yourself some sweet apparel, or just to give us your feedback.

Thank you for everything, without you there is no REVOLT.


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